Workbook: Annual Marketing Planning


A solid marketing plan, backed by data from your previous campaigns' performance, is more important than ever. 

This workbook helps you comb through campaign stats and answer marketing’s toughest questions: What worked? What content do you need? What can you afford?

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In this workbook:

Campaign planning often swings between abstract, creative brainstorming and scanning dozens of spreadsheets and Salesforce reports until we're thoroughly confused. 

This workbook is different. You'll emerge with a simple, actionable plan that delivers lead targets, coordinates the entire team, and prioritizes budget wisely. 

This workbook includes:

  • lead/opp calculators to hit revenue targets
  • group exercises that prompt honest conversations
  • 5 metrics to measure success (because it's not just email click rates)

Move beyond random acts of marketing.

We now have better dashboards, greater visibility into our programs, and everything finally works.

- Julie Bacon, WealthEngine

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