Sponge Marketing Mastermind is a monthly peer advisory group for growth-oriented marketers.  

Share ideas, vent, get inspired, and hold yourself accountable.

What is it?

Virtual Meetings with Your Marketing Peers  

Some might call it “marketing therapy.” When you’re working in a bubble with no one to go to for advice, you’re slowly losing ground. At each monthly meeting, you’ll learn new things, make connections, and leave inspired.  

Imagine 20 new ideas a month.

When successful marketers with a variety of expertises get together, there’s an explosion of ideas. 

Each meeting digs deep into the real dilemmas you're facing as a marketing leader: funnel benchmarks, demand generation, tech stack best practices, automation, lead management, hiring, staff retention...and more.

We wish we had this years ago.

  • Leverage the Experience of Like-Minded Marketers Marketing is a tough job. You have to simultaneously be a strategic thinker, a creative storyteller, and an analytical pro. It’s impossible for anyone to be all three, and even when you succeed, Sales wants more. 
  • Collaborate and Make Better Decisions See which trends actually work in the field without having to reinvent the wheel yourself. Our marketers collaborate and share their expertise to help each other. 
  • Creativity Reduces Stress In an emotional and stressful profession, our members help, share, and support each other during the highs and lows of marketing. You’ll walk away renewed and inspired to tackle your next big project.  

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