Template: Buyers Journey Content Map


Content marketing isn't a volume game-- it's about perfectly anticipating your buyer's questions in the formats they trust most. 

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In this template:

Real talk: you don't need another infographic! 

This template shows you what content (and what formats) you need for each stage of the buying process. 

You'll instantly have a content marketing map that delivers a clear message to your persona. Even better, you'll know exactly which pieces you still need to meet buyer's demands. 


This template includes:

  • simple definitions of a 10-step buyers journey, so you're not wasting time debating stages
  • an audit template to quickly filter your assets by campaign theme, format, language, and readiness
  • a campaign theme template that helps you answer some of the toughest messaging questions: Who are we talking to? What do we need them to takeaway?

Move beyond random acts of marketing.

We now have better dashboards, greater visibility into our programs, and everything finally works.

- Julie Bacon, WealthEngine

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template: buyers journey content map