Template: Annual Marketing Budget


We’ve spent hours creating formulas, formatting cells, and tinkering with design so you don’t have to.

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In this template:

“How are we doing on budget?”

This template helps you keep track of your marketing expenses, shortfalls, and (eek) overspending, so you can answer that question confidently.

This template includes:

  • allocations by channel, geography, and month
  • formatting that flags you when you over- or under-spend
  • formulas that aggregate your monthly expenses and compare it against the budget  

Move beyond random acts of marketing.

I'm obsessed with this template and use it to manage a $4M marketing budget. It's especially easy to forecast future expenses and know *exactly* what money is left. We spend every dime!

- Shelby Dawirs, Logi Analytics

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template: annual marketing budget