Templates: Conference Budget and Signage Grid


Corporate events and conferences are complex, and the stakes are sky high. Don't let a simple mistake, like forgetting city tax rates, throw you over budget.

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In these templates:

There's a reason event planning is consistently the most stressful job in America (yep, right alongside fire fighters and pilots). 

Even small events weave together dozens of vendors, stacks of BEOs, and another(!) comp code.

These budget templates help you track every cent, down to delivery fees, without losing sight of keeping in the black.

These templates include:

  • a registration tracker so you can see comps, staff, multiple group rates, and ticket processing fees
  • a master conference budget that balances registration revenue, sponsorship revenue, event expenses, services charges, and taxes
  • a "printable" budget sheet that tracks the myriad signs, postcards, and lanyards, from copy to final proof  

Move beyond random acts of marketing.

These templates helped me triple the number of events I could manage simultaneously.

- Jenna Ward, Logi Analytics

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